Friday, June 7, 2024

Conventions in Texas for June

Convention Dates Location

Fan Expo Dallas 2024 June 7-9, 2024 Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas

Dallas, TX

Desert Hawks Comic Con 2024 June 15-16, 2024 Ector County Coliseum

Odessa, TX

Investabilia 2024 June 21-23, 2024 Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center

Allen, TX

Anime El Paso 2024 June 22-24, 2024 El Paso Convention Center

El Paso, TX

Rebel Scum Con 2024 June 27-30, 2024 Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center

Allen, TX

Ecchi Expo Dallas 2024 June 28-30, 2024 Mesquite Convention Center

Mesquite, TX

Anime Wonder Festival - Dallas 2024 June 29, 2024 Riders Field

Frisco, TX

North Dallas Toy Show 2024 July 6, 2024 Celebration Event Center and Ballroom

Plano, TX

Ba-Con 2024 July 6-7, 2024 Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport

Houston, TX

Collect-A-Con Dallas-Fort Worth 2024 July 6-7, 2024 Forth Worth Convention Center

Fort Worth, TX

Horror Freak Pop up Market

 Hey guys so i went to the Horror Freak pop up market. Let me tell you the store itself is fun as hell and i love it. The market was even better. This market had so many different oddities and curiosities!! I was so please with it and had a blast going. The vendors there were all so kind and everything was so unique. They even had bones for sell...MUHAHAHAHA!!! I got quite a bit of art and prints there, along with some keychains and a few bones to make into necklaces and freeze dried candy. It is located in a great area as well and there are shops surrounding it that are pretty retro and amazing as well. You can find food anywhere around there and the market is set up in the parking lot. Luckily they have these often and I can not wait to be able to go again. 

For the Video and review visit 

Horror freak Market Video Click here If the Link isnt working try Searching Tik Ok name Pandamoniumcontent_crew and look for Horror Freak Pop Up


  Hey there guys , gals, freaks, and pals!! So we went back to Bastrop,Tx for the Cult Classic Horror Convention and of course we had to stop by the Gas Station that is about 10 minutes away from there.

Small background on the gas station. It is owned by the owners of Cult Classic and is the original Gas Station in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. They sell BBQ and Horror Memorabilia there. It has a replica of the van which broke down in the movie in the back great for photo ops and so cool to look at. They have a cool photo op area in the back with one of the sliding doors with hooks and a bucket of guts and of course blood everywhere. A bunch of picnic tables under a covered area so if it rains you should stay dry. there is a his and her bathroom attached to the side of it i am guessing for the people who stay in the cabins in the back ( also there are cabins you can stay in in the back which is pretty cool) and an outhouse that is available for anyone to use. ( It is clean no worries ) In the front they have a really cool metal bench sort of a memorial for those who were in the movies and have passed on as well as a really cool broken down truck that adds to the creepy chainsaw massacre vibe.

  Lets talk about the food first I enjoy the food for sure. I hate BBQ sauce though and thankfully they dont drench it and they give you choices at the tables on BBQ sauces. I did try them to see if they are good and they are pretty good. There is a sweet one and a spicy one that i tried and both really good. Its your normal menu you would see for a BBQ I loved the sausage and brisket and potato salad. So yes i would recommend eating their when you stop by.

  My favorite part is of course the memorabilia that they have for sale their. I go into more details on the videos i post on my tiktok and instas which you can find at .

I am releasing a full update with video on my youtube soon.

They have a little bit of everything from dolls, action figure, life size mannequins, mugs, postcards, to shirt and posters. Some really cool stuff to look at oh oh oh and masks I loved that. I would highly recommend going if your into all things horror.

Over all I love this place and plan on going back more but I will say this the guy who was working there on that sunday i went was amazing and had so much information to share and i loved hearing it. He even gave me an address to the camp crystal lake camp sites from the 2013 remake i believe to go check out . So look for that coming soon. Also he was just cool and super friendly!!

Anyways, Over all i would say yes yes yes it is a fun shop and good place to eat. If you are a horror fan please add this to your horror bucket list. It is small but full of kick ass stuff. !! 

They have an instagram to check out and a website please go check them out

Monday, May 6, 2024

Immaculate review

 Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. Today we talk about Immaculate!! I was super excited to go see this movie. It really seemed interesting despite the fact that these types of movies have been done over and over again however that is most movies now adays anyways. So lets just jump right in with the plot and then final thoughts shall we.

Starts out with Sister Mary sneaking into a superior's bedroom at night and steals a ring of keys to escape through the locked gates of the Roman Catholic convent. She is captured and knocked unconscious by four hooded figures. She later wakes up in a coffin and is buried alive.

Young Sister Cecilia turned Christian at an early age after she nearly drowned in a frozen lake and was declared dead for seven minutes, convinced that God had saved her for a purpose. She gets an invitation from Father Sal Tedeschi to join a convent in Italy that tends to dying nuns in their last days. Cecilia takes her final vows to adhere to the evangelical counsels and becomes a nun, being decorated with a rosary

She befriends Sister Gwen and starts noticing odd things, such as an elder nun having scars on her feet in the shape of crosses and people were not as they seem. The convent's chapel houses what they claim is a Holy Nail ( the ones that supposedly went through Christs hands and feet)  relic that was taken from the cross on which Jesus was crucified . They call Cecilia in as she had been sick lately and they test her. Cecilia is shocked to learn that she is pregnant even though she is a virgin and has never had relations with a man. The convent's inhabitants begin to treat her as the next Virgin Mary worshipping her and the unborn, with many proclaiming the child is a blessing and miracle.

Another nun, Sister Isabelle, tries to drown Cecilia out of jealousy, saying that it "should have been her" one day while they were taking their baths. They save her and she gets sick again and ends up throwing up one of her own teeth and her health worsens. Her request to be taken to a proper hospital is denied by Father Tedeschi. Isabelle dies after jumping off the convent's roof as Cecilia is walking through the cloister. Gwen publicly chastises the convent superiors for turning a blind eye but is then taken away by Father Tedeschi and Deacon Enzo.

At night, Cecilia notices that behind a painting of the Virgin Mary in her room, another nun had inscribed 2 Corinthians 11:14 on the wall, a hidden warning causing her to realize that something is wrong about this convent. Cecilia breaks open a drawer to read her file and is shocked to find information on the accident in her childhood. Hearing a woman screaming, she ventures further and is horrified to witness a hooded figure cutting out Gwen's tongue. An elder nun appears and silences Cecilia. She begs to escape, but the elder shakes her head and tells her that she will never leave the convent.

She tries to escape the convent by faking a miscarriage using a dead chicken, but a nun cleaning Cecilia's room after blood was everywhere from the " miscarriage" finds the chicken under her bed. She attempts to run before being forcibly brought back by Tedeschi and Enzo. Tedeschi explains that he was a geneticist before becoming a priest and used DNA samples taken from the Holy Nail  to impregnate nuns in the hopes of ushering in a new messiah. Until his success with Cecilia, Tedeschi's numerous attempts failed, often resulting in malformed fetuses. Tedeschi brands a cross into Cecilia's foot, a symbol also on many of the other nuns.

Cecilia makes another attempt to escape. She beats Mother Superior to death using a crucifix, and shortly afterward, her water breaks. She manages to strangle the cardinal with her rosary before dousing Tedeschi's lab in ethanol. Tedeschi arrives and tries to stop her through physical force, but Cecilia narrowly escapes by igniting the ethanol with a lighter.

Tedeschi manages to break out of the laboratory after extinguishing the flames and continues his pursuit against Cecilia, forcing her to flee into the catacombs under the convent. They spoke about how she is not allowed down there when she first arrived. Cecilia finds Gwen's mutilated corpse along with a hole in the catacombs walls. Tedeschi finds her just as she is about to escape and a struggle ensues. Tedeschi tries to cut Cecilia's stomach open, but she stabs him in the throat with the Holy Nail , which she had previously stolen from the chapel. After exiting the catacombs, Cecilia agonizingly gives birth and bites through the umbilical cord herself. She is clearly horrified by the sight of the "baby", which is heard making animalistic noises. Cecilia stumbles away to grab and lift a nearby rock, which she uses to crush it to death. Finding this baby to be an abomination and obviously not human. 


This is what the first Omen should have been. though it was still not the best it was way better and it was actually interesting. I actually enjoyed watching this movie very much.

Scary/ horror factor: 7/10 for not just a bit of eeriness but also it had an actually horror story vibe to it and not just some shock value jump scare with no actual direction.

Creepy: i give it 6/10 because it did actually have ominous and eerie feeling to it a lot of the time.

Plot: 7/10 the plot was good a bit predictable of course but it was interesting enough that i actually was enjoying seeing what was coming next. It had felt a bit rushed nearing the end though and that is why i bumped it down to a 7

Acting" 9/10 the acting was great and everyone did such a good believable job. 

Overall: 8/10 this was interesting and a bit spooky. It had disturbing imagery but not so disturbing it turned into pure shock value. It was all in all a good movie!!

The First Omen Review

 Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Here is another review for you!! This one i was enjoying at first but then let me explain what i mean by at first. So when i went to see it i was expecting to see an eerie , scary, and sinister feeling movie. A movie you truly believed birthed evil. WHY because the first Omen with little Damien made you feel that way. Even more so because the kid playing him was so good at being innocently creepy. ANYWAYS, that is not what i got. So i am gunna get right into it honestly. 

 Plot (Spoiler Alert please dont read this section if you have not seen it yet)

I am just going to do the short version because there are other things i kinda want to discuss about the movie a bit more than the plot.

Here is the short version. Cut to a man names Father Brennan who has been studying this convent goes to the church and meets with a man named Father Harris and asks him about an occult conspiracy; the shaken Harris gives Brennan a photograph of a baby with the name "Scianna" inscribed. Harris is killed when a falling pipe splits his head open. ( Scene Cut to)

1971 Rome , amid left-wing protests , America novitiate Margaret Daino arrives at the Vizzardeli Orphanage. Quite young and known to be a bit of a trouble maker back in the states. Only she wasn't really a trouble maker but the things she was saying and doing were justified and real. She meets with Cardinal Lawrence, Father Gabriel, and Abess Sister Silva, her roommate and fellow novitiate Luz, and nun Anjelica. Luz invites Margaret to a disco saying this is your last chance before they have to take their vows and everything. Margaret dances with a man named Paolo before blacking out after a few drinks and letting herself loose a bit in which she awakens the next day with no memory of what happened.

Margaret then is shown around and meets the elder nuns they have been taking care of and is told everything they do there , taking care of the elderly and sick, and wanders off a bit and meets a 13 old orphan named Carlita. She draws closer to this one child at the orphanage who is being misunderstood and mistreated by the other nuns there. This treatment reminder herself of what had happened to her as a child in her covenant/orphanage she stayed in. They also did those things to her as well. They are all outside one day when one of the nuns is talking to Carlita.  Margaret spots Carlita showing Anjelica a drawing of a pregnant woman being restrained; moments later Anjelica self-immolates and  tells Carlita " this is all for you" and hangs herself.

Obviously concerned she meets Father Brennan who tells her about Brennan explains that radicals within the church, desperate to regain power against the rise of secularism, seek to bring about the Antichrist to create fear and drive people back to the church, with Carlita intended to be his mother. Of course this frightens her and she does not believe him or more so does not want to. However it didn't seem so farfetched. She intended to protect Carlita at all costs. They end up taking a field trip and on their way out with the children a riot breaks out and Margaret gets caught up in the midst of it. She then started having hallucinations. Because of this Sister Silva decides to postpone her vows until she is better and orders her to distance herself from Carlita.

On her way home she spots Poalo who looks terrified and he speaks to her saying he is so sorry , he didnt know, and then he says look for the Mark. Right after is hit by a truck and smashed against the wall. Margaret tries to help him but he is split in half. She then goes back to the convent and starts to do some research. Margaret sneaks into Sister Silva's office. She uncovers a hidden, underground chamber and a series of subject files, all labeled "Scianna". Each file contains a photo of a disfigured baby with a birthmark in the shape of three 6's , with Carlita as seemingly the only survivor. She is intercepted and spots the mark on Carlita's palate before being imprisoned.

Father Gabriel frees Margaret after finding the files she hid ; as they examine the files, they discover that another baby had survived. Margaret freaks out crying as she locates the mark on her own scalp and suddenly remembers that she was forcefully impregnated in a satanic ritual the night she blacked out at the disco. The Devil will need to mate with his own spawn in order to conceive the Antichrist, and Margaret had been brought to Rome as Carlita is too young. The group drives off to have the pregnancy aborted, but another car crashes into theirs on the way. ( This next scene is something i need to talk about but later ) Margaret gets out of the car and starts basically reenacting getting pregnant by the beast and then falls to the ground in the middle of the street and her womb fills as she then starts having contractions. she passes out and awakens strapped to a hospital bed .

 She us then greeted by Cardinal Lawrence, the head of the conspiracy. She gives birth to two children, a girl and a boy; the boy of course is hailed as the Antichrist. She stabs Lawrence but cannot bring herself to kill her son. Luz stabs Margaret as the conspirators flee with the boy and set the chamber ablaze to cover their tracks. Carlita saves Margaret and her daughter and Margaret sees her assaulter, a demonic jackal, yes a jackal,  in the flames. The baby boy is given to American diplomat Robert Thorn to secretly replace the child his wife Katherine has supposedly miscarried. ( aka Damien from the original Omen ) Carlita, Margaret, and the little baby girl survive and move away. Trying to stay hidden from the world and the covenant that if found would kill them. 

One day they are eating and smiling and laughing and a priest comes to see them telling Margaret that they know and are coming for them and that Damien has started to show signs already basically and the evil has begun. She basically says i am ready for the , i don't care and o leave them alone. 

So i will get to the ratings real quick

Scary 5/10 i found nothing about this scary at all...not eerie...nothing...just shock value 

Creepy 3/10 not creepy , no evil vibes, did not give any creep factor


Acting 7/10 they were great actors and actresses 

Overall 5/10 Just unoriginal, predictable, and over used

Here is the deal. Every single antichrist origins movie is the same and this was no different. It was so predictable all the way down to it being her who was impregnated. I already knew they were not going to grape a 13 years and get her pregnant to give birth to the antichrist and i already knew that the son was going to be Damien from the first Omen. This was so badly thought out and i am so sad it didn't give me any eerie or creepy vibes. When i watched the Omen everything just seemed so eerie and had this gut wrenching feeling the whole time. Damien was so innocent and yet those eyes told stories of pure evil just waiting to come out. This movie was just all shock Value. It had nothing that made me even curious.

THE WORST SCENE EVER in that movie was the scene where she is in the middle of the street after being hit by the other car and finding out she was the one who was impregnated by the Devil. She starts to move around spastically and grunting ... she actually moans as if she were in pleasure and starts basically acting like something is having very rough sex with her and at one point she bends over as if she is getting it doggy style. Nothing about it seems painful or looks like she doesn't want it and then she drops to the floor and opens her mouth as what looks like a crap ton of semen is filling up and flowing out of her mouth as well as her downstairs pouring out. This entire scene goes on for so long you just feel uncomfortable watching it especially with people around and just seems so vulgar and unnecessary. 

One more point on this was a stolen scene. You can see almost the same exact scene in a 1981 film called Possession. This woman in the movie literally does this exact scene but in a subway. Only hers was called a miscarriage and this one in the Omen was her reenacting her getting pregnant. However the semen and blood were a bit more dramatic in the 1981 film and also poured from every single orifice in her body. Both were uncomfortable to watch and overdramatic and neither seemed angry about the hard **cking the were reenacting. Just bothers me how unoriginal this movie was.