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 Hey guys Back with another review for you. I am happy to say i had the pleasure of watching Imaginary at the Drive in and omg it was fun. If you have a chance to got to the Drive in Movies you really should. Anyways, Enough about that we are here for the movie. 

First scene we step into a giant creature , what looks like a spider, and a women arguing and then chasing her down the hall. Right when shit was about to hit the fan she wakes up. Just a dream!! So then it cuts to her waking up next to her husband and they discuss the dream apparently she has them alot. They then talk about going ahead and moving into what turns out to be the women named Jessica ( DeWanda Wise ) fathers house they inherited since her father had to move into a senior living home. He has lost his mind, seems like dementia, So , the husband named Max ( Tom Payne ) says lets go ahead and move the girls Alice ( Pyper Braun ) and Taylor ( Teagan Burns ) to the new house now.

Cut to it  shows a few cute videos of old home videos of a mother and father and their little girl. And then the Credits play during this. Then back to them moving into the house. Jessica is the step mom of  Max's Children and she wants so desperately to show them love and fun since their mother has severe mental issues and abused them. Especially the younger daughter Alice.

Jessica is an artist and write children's books and it seems she write them about the spider in her dreams and another named Mollie the Millipede. The little girl is afraid of the spider and says he is scary looking. Outside they are greeted by the next door neighbor who we find out used to babysit Jessica before Jessica was sent away to her grandmothers after her mother passed away from cancer. The next door neighbor Gloria ( Betty Buckley )tells her some stories about her childhood which Jessica cant  remember but then again she says her childhood is such a blur.  lets them go inside after saying how sorry she was for the way everything happened when Jessica was smaller.  Later that day everyone chooses their rooms in the house and you find out Taylor the oldest daughter does not like Jessica and gives her hell. The little one hears a voice and starts to follow it into the basement and moves a shelf finding a bear named Chancey. Chancey and Alice begin to get close and one day Jessica goes to record how cute she is with her new imaginary friend and the girls real mother comes out and attacks her. Turns out the oldest girl told her where they live and the police come to take her away.  

After a few days the father has to go on tour i am guessing he is a musician they don't really talk about that much. She is left alone with the girls. Before he leaves it shows how bonded Chancey and Alice become. Her new imaginary friend has a lot of things they talk about and in Jessica's bedroom bathroom they can hear her speaking to Chancey and Chancey speaking back. He then leaves and Jessica says she hopes this time together will bring them closer together. This is where things start getting weird.

The little girl starts doing a scavenger hunt with the new friend and collecting items which Jessica sees as harmless at first. She helps her out and continues on. Taylor had met the boy next door who seems to be a troublemaker.  Later that day Jessica asks Taylor to watch her sister while she runs out for a bit. During this run she goes and sees her father Ben ( Samuel Salary ) and he is basically unresponsive for a while. She then reads him a book and he thinks she is an orderly there. Cut to back at the house Alice is doing her scavenger hunt and Taylor invites the boy next door over. He then asks her if she wants some pills and she refuses ( good girl) but they decide to watch a movie and he gets the bright idea to drink her fathers liquor and in turn breaks a bottle. They scurry around and try to clean it up. Back to Jessica who's with Ben as he speaks to her clearly and sees that its Jessica and he repeats they didnt believe me all you ever talked about was CB CB CB!!! She then leaves and heads home. Meanwhile Chancey plays a mean trick on the boy next door which ends up terrifying him.

Back at home The little girl is outside looking for a piece of wood with a nail on it. Jessica returns home finds the boy and calls the neighbor boys mother over and he leaves getting in trouble. She then tells Taylor no boys allowed and heads to Alices room where she sees a lump and thinks its Alice sleeping. So she starts to speak to her sweetly but then notices its not Alice and in fact it was the bear under the covers aka Chancey. She then looks outside and runs to Alice stopping Alice right before she impales her hand with a rusty nail. This causing the nail to graze her hand. Jessica then calls her husband and tells him. She then calls the child's therapist. Dr. Soto ( Veronica Falcon ). She comes over and speaks with Alice in which Alice starts telling Chaney that he made her feel unsafe and that she thinks if he is going to hurt her or anyone around then she doesn't think they should be friends anymore. For a few minutes the therapist thinks that its Alice speaking as Chancey but turns out Alice turns her head as she is crying Chancey is still speaking. She shows Jessica and Jessica freaks out. The doctor mentions the never ever which sparks Jessica's memory about a box in the basement that was her where she had drawings. One in particular was a door and it says never ever on it.

Jessica runs downstairs and sees the box and runs back upstairs where she finds out that the bear she had been seeing has ever been there. She is the only one who can see the ear besides Alice. She then ,after the doctor said something, realizes that CB was Chancey the Bear who was her imaginary friend when she was a child. Alice then after the session very torn up about it goes to lay down but doesn't stay down, She gets woken up by Chancey to come and find him and stay with him in the Never Ever Land. She then heads downstairs and takes everything that the list said and turns out that is the key to the door. She disappears and jessica and Taylor have a falling out. Jessica tries to tell Taylor what is going on but she wont listen and Taylor runs to find her sister as Jessica also tries to figure it out. Gloria the neighbor comes out finds Taylor and tells her that Jessica is right and shows her proof. They then go back and find Jessica.

She tells Jessica she believes her and the neighbor explains everything. Jessica earlier had taken a picture of the scavenger hunt list which as a child she had written the same list on her wall. She then finds out that Jessica had been to the Never Ever before and that is why she doesn't remember her childhood.  They then perform the ritual and all 3 of them wind up going through the door to the Never Ever to find and bring Alice home. They make sure to put something down so the door wont close all the way...which doesn't work because the neighbor lady Gloria is a psycho and traps them in there. She says the entity had told her to do it and she was going to get taken care of there...turns out boy was she wrong because one of the imaginary friends eats her behind a closed door it sucks her into. They walk through and we find out that when she had went to the never ever her father went into rescue her and that is why he lost his mind. He saved her and starred into the eyes of Chancey and it drove him insane since his mind was already weekend from losing his wife. 

They go through these doors , get split up and have to find each other again. As they do they find the room seeing a puppy they knew was from Alices imagination and they find Alice. Alice is in a cute princess dress and hanging out with her real mother , not its actually Chancey making her think its her mother, having a tea party Jessica shows her the truth then starts to make a new door. she figures it might work since her imagination is strong they can create one. It works and the girls go through but Jessica does not. She then falls through into Taylors arms. Cut to the next scene it shows the entire family back at the senior home visiting her father who is doing a lot better. Things seem to be going great but then she sees that Alice's arm doesn't have a scar on it that was previously there. She realizes that she is still stuck in the never ever and that Alice was just bait to get her back in there to be with Chancey for ever and ever. However right when Chancey was about to make her stay forever Taylor hit the entity and helps Jessica actually escape the never ever. As they are exiting Chancey opens the door and stares into Jessica's eyes and tries to destroy her like he did Ben and Alice sets him on fire with matches she found. 

Jessica then flees with the children and lets the house burn down. After that the kids and Jessica go to a hotel and see a boy there with a bear just like Chancey talking to it and they decide to leave. 

This is the end. I know I left a lot of things out but you just need to see it. I don't want to spoil everything but that is the whole jist of it all.Now lets get to some info and ratings.

The Film is PG-13

Directed by Jedd Wadlow

Written by Jeff Wadlow, Greg Erb, and Jason Oremland

Production Companies Blumhouse Productions , Lionsgate Films, and Tower of Babble Entertainment


Creep factor 6/10 it was definitely creepier than it was scary. Had more jump scares and suspenseful moments

Horror 5/10 it was not scary to me at all but to someone younger or who doesn't watch scary movies religiously it might be scary

Plot 7/10 I will tell you that i honestly think it was a good plot. It was totally predictable for me but i enjoyed watching it. I thought it was basic but cute. Definitely appropriate for a pg-13 rating

Acting 8/10 I enjoyed all the actors in it they didnt over act but also they were believable. I think the one i didnt like ver much was Gloria i feel she actually was slightly over acting.however still not bad.

Overall I would say 7/10 it was enjoyable and a good one to watch for scary movie night with the family ( i wouldn't suggest anyone under that age of 10 to watch it unless they are a bit more mature in their heads). It is a good filler movie to watch at least once.

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