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Immaculate review

 Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. Today we talk about Immaculate!! I was super excited to go see this movie. It really seemed interesting despite the fact that these types of movies have been done over and over again however that is most movies now adays anyways. So lets just jump right in with the plot and then final thoughts shall we.

Starts out with Sister Mary sneaking into a superior's bedroom at night and steals a ring of keys to escape through the locked gates of the Roman Catholic convent. She is captured and knocked unconscious by four hooded figures. She later wakes up in a coffin and is buried alive.

Young Sister Cecilia turned Christian at an early age after she nearly drowned in a frozen lake and was declared dead for seven minutes, convinced that God had saved her for a purpose. She gets an invitation from Father Sal Tedeschi to join a convent in Italy that tends to dying nuns in their last days. Cecilia takes her final vows to adhere to the evangelical counsels and becomes a nun, being decorated with a rosary

She befriends Sister Gwen and starts noticing odd things, such as an elder nun having scars on her feet in the shape of crosses and people were not as they seem. The convent's chapel houses what they claim is a Holy Nail ( the ones that supposedly went through Christs hands and feet)  relic that was taken from the cross on which Jesus was crucified . They call Cecilia in as she had been sick lately and they test her. Cecilia is shocked to learn that she is pregnant even though she is a virgin and has never had relations with a man. The convent's inhabitants begin to treat her as the next Virgin Mary worshipping her and the unborn, with many proclaiming the child is a blessing and miracle.

Another nun, Sister Isabelle, tries to drown Cecilia out of jealousy, saying that it "should have been her" one day while they were taking their baths. They save her and she gets sick again and ends up throwing up one of her own teeth and her health worsens. Her request to be taken to a proper hospital is denied by Father Tedeschi. Isabelle dies after jumping off the convent's roof as Cecilia is walking through the cloister. Gwen publicly chastises the convent superiors for turning a blind eye but is then taken away by Father Tedeschi and Deacon Enzo.

At night, Cecilia notices that behind a painting of the Virgin Mary in her room, another nun had inscribed 2 Corinthians 11:14 on the wall, a hidden warning causing her to realize that something is wrong about this convent. Cecilia breaks open a drawer to read her file and is shocked to find information on the accident in her childhood. Hearing a woman screaming, she ventures further and is horrified to witness a hooded figure cutting out Gwen's tongue. An elder nun appears and silences Cecilia. She begs to escape, but the elder shakes her head and tells her that she will never leave the convent.

She tries to escape the convent by faking a miscarriage using a dead chicken, but a nun cleaning Cecilia's room after blood was everywhere from the " miscarriage" finds the chicken under her bed. She attempts to run before being forcibly brought back by Tedeschi and Enzo. Tedeschi explains that he was a geneticist before becoming a priest and used DNA samples taken from the Holy Nail  to impregnate nuns in the hopes of ushering in a new messiah. Until his success with Cecilia, Tedeschi's numerous attempts failed, often resulting in malformed fetuses. Tedeschi brands a cross into Cecilia's foot, a symbol also on many of the other nuns.

Cecilia makes another attempt to escape. She beats Mother Superior to death using a crucifix, and shortly afterward, her water breaks. She manages to strangle the cardinal with her rosary before dousing Tedeschi's lab in ethanol. Tedeschi arrives and tries to stop her through physical force, but Cecilia narrowly escapes by igniting the ethanol with a lighter.

Tedeschi manages to break out of the laboratory after extinguishing the flames and continues his pursuit against Cecilia, forcing her to flee into the catacombs under the convent. They spoke about how she is not allowed down there when she first arrived. Cecilia finds Gwen's mutilated corpse along with a hole in the catacombs walls. Tedeschi finds her just as she is about to escape and a struggle ensues. Tedeschi tries to cut Cecilia's stomach open, but she stabs him in the throat with the Holy Nail , which she had previously stolen from the chapel. After exiting the catacombs, Cecilia agonizingly gives birth and bites through the umbilical cord herself. She is clearly horrified by the sight of the "baby", which is heard making animalistic noises. Cecilia stumbles away to grab and lift a nearby rock, which she uses to crush it to death. Finding this baby to be an abomination and obviously not human. 


This is what the first Omen should have been. though it was still not the best it was way better and it was actually interesting. I actually enjoyed watching this movie very much.

Scary/ horror factor: 7/10 for not just a bit of eeriness but also it had an actually horror story vibe to it and not just some shock value jump scare with no actual direction.

Creepy: i give it 6/10 because it did actually have ominous and eerie feeling to it a lot of the time.

Plot: 7/10 the plot was good a bit predictable of course but it was interesting enough that i actually was enjoying seeing what was coming next. It had felt a bit rushed nearing the end though and that is why i bumped it down to a 7

Acting" 9/10 the acting was great and everyone did such a good believable job. 

Overall: 8/10 this was interesting and a bit spooky. It had disturbing imagery but not so disturbing it turned into pure shock value. It was all in all a good movie!!

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