Friday, June 7, 2024


  Hey there guys , gals, freaks, and pals!! So we went back to Bastrop,Tx for the Cult Classic Horror Convention and of course we had to stop by the Gas Station that is about 10 minutes away from there.

Small background on the gas station. It is owned by the owners of Cult Classic and is the original Gas Station in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. They sell BBQ and Horror Memorabilia there. It has a replica of the van which broke down in the movie in the back great for photo ops and so cool to look at. They have a cool photo op area in the back with one of the sliding doors with hooks and a bucket of guts and of course blood everywhere. A bunch of picnic tables under a covered area so if it rains you should stay dry. there is a his and her bathroom attached to the side of it i am guessing for the people who stay in the cabins in the back ( also there are cabins you can stay in in the back which is pretty cool) and an outhouse that is available for anyone to use. ( It is clean no worries ) In the front they have a really cool metal bench sort of a memorial for those who were in the movies and have passed on as well as a really cool broken down truck that adds to the creepy chainsaw massacre vibe.

  Lets talk about the food first I enjoy the food for sure. I hate BBQ sauce though and thankfully they dont drench it and they give you choices at the tables on BBQ sauces. I did try them to see if they are good and they are pretty good. There is a sweet one and a spicy one that i tried and both really good. Its your normal menu you would see for a BBQ I loved the sausage and brisket and potato salad. So yes i would recommend eating their when you stop by.

  My favorite part is of course the memorabilia that they have for sale their. I go into more details on the videos i post on my tiktok and instas which you can find at .

I am releasing a full update with video on my youtube soon.

They have a little bit of everything from dolls, action figure, life size mannequins, mugs, postcards, to shirt and posters. Some really cool stuff to look at oh oh oh and masks I loved that. I would highly recommend going if your into all things horror.

Over all I love this place and plan on going back more but I will say this the guy who was working there on that sunday i went was amazing and had so much information to share and i loved hearing it. He even gave me an address to the camp crystal lake camp sites from the 2013 remake i believe to go check out . So look for that coming soon. Also he was just cool and super friendly!!

Anyways, Over all i would say yes yes yes it is a fun shop and good place to eat. If you are a horror fan please add this to your horror bucket list. It is small but full of kick ass stuff. !! 

They have an instagram to check out and a website please go check them out

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